Food Safety QA/Quality Assurance Jobs

This page includes all open positions in the areas of Food Quality Assurance, commonly referred to as QA or FSQ and Food Quality Control or QC. We advertise all levels of jobs in QA and QC, ranging from Technicians to QA Managers to Directors. Additionally, we list Quality Control-specific positions, such as QC Supervisor, Manager and Director opportunities.

The terms "Quality Assurance" and "Quality Control" are often used interchangeably by Human Resources departments and others within the industry. Many of the open positions listed on our site will contain aspects of both QA and QC, but we typically list both types of positions under the Quality Assurance heading.

A more accurate description of Quality Assurance is the systems, work and personnel that ensure quality in the product.

Quality Control is more accurately used for positions that are related to the ongoing monitoring of performance of the associated QA practices.

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